Reshaping Glocal Dynamics of the Caribbean
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Bandau, Anja , Brüske, Anne and Ueckmann, Natascha (Eds.): Reshaping Glocal Dynamics of the Caribbean: Relaciones y Desconexiones, Relations et Déconnexions, Relations and Disconnections, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2018.

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Published 25.10.2018.


Anja Bandau , Anne Brüske , Natascha Ueckmann (Eds.)

Reshaping Glocal Dynamics of the Caribbean

Relaciones y Desconexiones, Relations et Déconnexions, Relations and Disconnections

The Circum-Caribbean and its diasporas constitute a space of relations and disconnections. Historically, the Caribbean served as a bridgehead for the European conquest of the Americas and a point of exchange of human beings, ideas, and commodities. It also became a laboratory of modern forms of social, political, and economic production. Today, the region represents a multilingual space of conviviality for many different cultures, but is also the focus of the dissonances, ruptures and insularities produced by its distinct histories of colonialism and resistance. This interdisciplinary volume seeks to explore how (non-)circulation of ideas occurred historically in the glocal production of knowledge in and about the Caribbean and to formulate a clearer picture of who is creating which vision of the Caribbean, and how. The 33 contributions in this volume shed light on the transversal fields of (1) Academic and Artistic Approaches, (2) Arts and Visual Studies, (3) Environment and Sustainability, (4) Migration and Knowledge Circulation, (5) Entangled Histories and Memories.

Front Matter
Table of Contents
Anne Brüske, Anja Bandau, Natascha Ueckmann
Introduction – Reshaping Glocal Dynamics of the Caribbean.
I. Academic and Artistic Approaches to ‘the Caribbean’
Mimi Sheller
Caribbean Constellations and Mobility Justice
Corinne Mencé-Caster
Mise en patrimoine problématique en Martinique et nouvelles archives numériques des cultures antillaises
Ralph Ludwig
Perspectives for Linguistic and Philological Research in the ‘French’ and ‘Romance’ Caribbean
Ariel Camejo Vento
Saberes en tensión: de la “frontera imperial” a los “bordes coloniales”
Graciela Salto
Las literaturas del Caribe en y desde el Cono Sur: tendencias actuales en investigación
Ineke Phaf-Rheinberger
The Caribbean: Linguistic Sensibilities, Fluid Geographies, and Modern Slavery
Annika McPherson
Postcolonial Critique and Decolonial Desires in Caribbean Studies
Julia Borst, Kettly Mars
« J’ai beaucoup d’espoir »: conversation avec l’écrivaine haïtienne Kettly Mars sur son roman « Je suis vivant » (2015)
Esther Figueroa
"Limbo. A Novel about Jamaica" (Reading by the Author)
II. Arts and Visual Studies
Christoph Singler
Framing — Arts visuels des Caraïbes : plaidoyer pour sortir des cadres disciplinaires
Leon Wainwright
Materialities and Mobilities: A Note on the Political Geography of Contemporary Caribbean Art
Carlo A. Célius
Art et anthropologie: perspectives à partir d’Haïti
David Frohnapfel
Anticipations of Alterity: The Production of Contemporary Haitian Art through Inter-klas Encounters
Emiel Martens
The History of Film and Tourism in Jamaica
III. Environment and Sustainability
Nicholas Watts
Framing — Applying the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: the Value of Disciplinary Promiscuity for Practical Governance
Christian Werthmann
Learning from Canaan, Haiti’s Third Largest City (?) Born in the Aftermath of a Catastrophe
Johannes Bohle
Sustainable Urban Planning? Reflections on Bon Air and Trénelle-Citron
Esther Figueroa
Environmental Justice in Jamaica: Documentation, Dissent, and Protest
Anabelle Contreras Castro
Nuevas construcciones de territorialidad e identidad en el Caribe Sur: reimaginar la identidad y la territorialidad desde el "Foro Caribe Sur"
Claudia Rauhut
Caribbean Leaders in the Transnational Struggle for Slavery Reparations
Daniel Graziadei
Donne Decolonized: The Sinking of the Island of Conviviality into the Mare Tenebrosum
IV. Migration and Knowledge Circulation
Martha Zapata Galindo
Framing — Migración, diáspora y circulación de conocimientos
Catherine Krull, Jean Stubbs
Through a Diasporic or Transnational Lens? Post-‘89 Cuban Mobility and Migration in Canada and Western Europe
Sinah Kloß
Staying in Touch: Used Clothes and the Role of Materiality in Transnational Guyanese Gift Exchange
Alla Klimenkowa
Identifying "Kréyòl" and "Criollo" in the contemporary French Caribbean and Spanish America
Gudrun Rath
"Zombi" Narratives: Transatlantic Circulations
V. Negotiating History: Entangled Histories and Memories
Alejandro E. Gómez
Framing — Historias Entrelazadas y Representaciones Sociales
Sibylle Fischer
Mapping Caribbean Intellectual History: The Conspiracies of Juan Bautista Picornell
Ulrike Schmieder
Periódicos afrocubanos: la Independencia y el distanciamiento de la élite afrocubana de Haití, África y la esclavitud
Juliane Tauchnitz
Tendances escapistes et les limites de la Créolité dans « L’empreinte » à Crusoé de Patrick Chamoiseau
Kathleen Gyssels
“A la rubrique de chiens crevés”: Léon-Gontran Damas Facing Memory Wars in Posthumous Poetry
Adriana López-Labourdette
Memorias del vestigio: trabajos mnemónicos de la esclavitud en la exposición "Quinto mundo" de Douglas Pérez y la novela "Fe en disfraz" de Mayra Santos Febres
On the Contributors