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Entre mers—Outre-mer: Spaces, Modes and Agents of Indo-Mediterranean Connectivity

Twelve visions of Entre Mers—Outre-mer are presented in this volume, that focusses on the connectivity by and definition of the sea, searoutes and people living in close connection to shores or harbor towns. The volume starts in Antiquity and ends in the so-called Atlantic Age (16th century A. D.). In geographical terms, the focus of the articles is situated in the Mediterranean and its (cultural) connection to the Indian Ocean and thereby sheds new light on two highly frequented “Sea-scapes”.


Heidelberger Jahrbücher Online Vol. 3: An interdisciplinary approach on concepts of "mobility"

In the latest issue of Heidelberger Jahrbücher Online, 12 contributors from different disciplines of humanities and science highlight the topics “mobility” and its counterpart, “immobility” as crucial part of human and animal behavior. At the same time, the issue focusses on different means of transport and different modes of adaptions to “mobile” and “non-mobile” situations.


New on heiUP: Hubertus Kohle Museen digital

A journey through the international world of art museums: Brooklyn Museum, Tate, Rijksmuseum, Städel: The book presents art museums which approach the digital sphere in a creative manner. In this way they try to cope with both their mission to educate and to entertain.


New: Analysis 3 by Rolf Rannacher

The third part of the lecture course "Analysis" by Rolf Rannacher treats the Riemann integral over lines and surfaces and the integral formulas of Gauß and Stokes. Further, the Lebesgue integral and the corresponding function spaces are introduced.


Now online: Analysis 2 by Rolf Rannacher

Analysis 2 is based on lectures within a three-semester course on "Real Analysis" given by the author at Heidelberg University. The present second part is devoted to the classical calculus of differentiation and integration for functions of several real variables. 


New edition of Ruperto Carola is online

Increasing urbanization processes and growing migration levels from rural areas to urban regions will lead to two thirds of the world’s population living in metropoles by the year of 2050. The 12th edition of the Ruperto Carola – STADT & LAND is meant to encourage thinking about the effects of these changes on life in growing metropoles. These effects range from climate change to rising stress levels. How can we create and shape a life worthwhile living in rapidly changing spheres?


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New Titles

New Titles

New Titles

New Titles

New Titles

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