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New Titles



New Issue of the “heiEDUCATION Journal. Transdisciplinary Studies on Teacher Education”

The fourth issue of the heiEDUCATION Journal brings together a variety of contributions that address the topic of ‘teaching as a practice’ through either a hands-on, empirical, or theoretical perspective. In line with the topic’s current relevance for teacher education, the volume offers an insight into the broad spectrum of research in this field that touches on issues concerning the subject disciplines, their didactics, educational sciences, or a combination of these.


New on heiUP Campus Media: "Geschichte der Physik an der Universität Heidelberg"

The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy at the Heidelberg University can look back on a long and eventful history. The Heidelberg physicists Joachim Heintze ✝, Maarten DeKieviet and Jörg Hüfner trace the history of physics and astronomy at the University of Heidelberg from its beginnings in 1386 to the present.


New: Introduction into the Psychology of Human Thought

The "Psychology of Human Thought", edited by Robert J. Sternberg and Joachim Funke, is an open access collection of peer-reviewed chapters from all areas of higher cognitive processes. The book is intended to be used as a textbook in courses on higher process, complex cognition, human thought, and related courses.


Just out: "Modeling the Pāṇinian System of Sanskrit Grammar" by Anand Mishra

Anand Mishras work is a study of the Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini from a new perspective. It attempts to explore the Pāṇinian system of Sanskrit grammar from a formal point of view and investigate the possibilities of representing it in a logical, explicit and consistent manner.


CATS opening on 25 June 2019: Catalogue for exhibition opening at heiUP

On the occasion of the opening of the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) on 25 June 2019, scholars from Heidelberg will present their favourite pieces from the Ethnological Museum of the von Portheim Foundation under the title The Scholar's Choice. The exhibition catalogue, edited by Axel Michaels and Margareta Pavaloi, is published by heiUP and is available both online (Open Access) and as a printed book.


New title on heiUP: Drawing Education - Worldwide!

From early modern to modern times, drawing was firmly anchored in the realities of European society as a cultural technique . Based on this fact, Drawing Education­ ­– Worldwide! asks for the first time about the significance of drawing and drawing education in other cultural areas.


Heidelberg University Publishing is an open-access publisher of high-quality, peer-reviewed academic works. We endorse open access as a publishing model to distribute outstanding research results and use open-source software for the collaborative development of underlying publishing technologies.

New Titles

New Titles

New Titles

New Titles



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