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New upload: Coptica Palatina - Proceedings of the International Summer School for Coptic Papyrology 2012

In "Coptica Palatina" 25 editions of Coptic literary, magical texts, private letters, as well as legal and administrative documents are presented by young scholars taking part in an International Summer School for Coptic Papyrology in Heidelberg in 2012. The texts originate from different regions of Middle and Upper Egypt and are datable to the 6th–12th centuries CE.


Now online: The Journal of Transcultural Studies 2018/1–2

The latest double issue of the Journal of Transcultural Studies deals with transcultural aspects and legal, institutional and political issues in Japan, China, Vietnam and Korea in the decades before and after 1900.


Now online: "Online Handbook of Language Criticism – A European Perspective" Vol. 2 and 3

The topics of standardization and linguistic criticism as well as linguistic purism and linguistic criticism are dealt with in the latest editions of HESO. Vol. 2 focusses on standardization processes in German, English, French, Italian and Croatian, while Vol. 3 highlights linguistic purism as a critique of different structures and elements of a language.


Now online: Vol. 13 of Ruperto Carola

What effects does climate change have and how should science, politics and society deal with it? 23 scientists from the University of Heidelberg answer these and other exciting questions about the hot topic "HEISS & KALT" in a total of 16 contributions to the current issue of the research magazine Ruperto Carola.


New upload: Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet

Inside the latest volume of Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet you will find insightful contributions on the topics of religion on the internet (by Maria Sharapan and Franz Winter), religion and gaming (By Benjamin Jozef Banasik, Heidi Rautalahti and Michaela Šimonová) and religion and virtual reality (by Stefan Piasecki).


Now online: Die goldenen Siegelringe der Ägäischen Bronzezeit by Nadine Becker

Due to their high material value and their meaningful iconography, Aegean signet rings have already attracted considerable attention in research - however, an overall consideration of this extremely complex archaeological genre and its diverse functions within the Minoan-Mycenaean administration and society was lacking so far. In "Die goldenen Siegelringe der Ägäischen Bronzezeit" not only preserved rings but also imprints of signet rings on sealings are systematically investigated for the first time.


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New Titles

New Titles

New Titles

New Titles



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