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New Titles



Ruperto Carola Nr. 20 (2022): Weich & Hart

In the anniversary issue, 18 scientists report on their research work: the spectrum of topics ranges from personality development in adulthood, acceptance of compromises in politics or new biomaterials for joint regeneration to interdependencies in the field of tension between hardware and software.


Das Mittelalter. Perspektiven mediävistischer Forschung: Akustische Dimensionen des Mittelalters

From the sounds of music to the sounds of craftsmanship, the noise of war to the silence of monasteries: the authors of the current issue of "The Middle Ages" examine the various acoustic dimensions of the literature, historiography, music and art of the Middle Ages.


Maciej Klimiuk (Ed.): Semitic Dialects and Dialectology. Fieldwork—Community—Change

A plea for dialectological field research: The volume contains a collection of articles whose data were collected primarily with this laborious but important research method.


The Journal of Transcultural Studies

From the history of a medieval clothing item to glassmaking in Renaissance Venice to culinary memoirs, the topics in the current issue of The Journal of Transcultural Studies are as diverse as the perspectives from which they are considered.


Bernd Alt-Epping: Palliativmedizin: Das Heidelberger Skript für Studierende der Medizin

Not only for medical students: In the new volume of the Lecture Notes series Bernd Alt-Epping, Director of Palliative Medicine at Heidelberg University Hospital, provides insights into the necessities and possibilities of comprehensive palliative medical support.


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New Titles


New Titles

New Titles


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