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Marc Bonner (Hrsg.): Game | World | Architectonics. Transdisciplinary Approaches on Structures and Mechanics, Levels and Spaces, Aesthetics and Perception

Computer games create spaces, landscapes and worlds. This anthology presents diverse approaches to the topics of space, architecture, perception of and worldbuilding in computer games and their media-specific properties. The contributions depart from the beaten tracks of media and game studies also expand discourses of neighbouring disciplines with new insights and aspects.


Gerke, Barbara: Taming the Poisonous: Mercury, Toxicity, and Safety in Tibetan Medical Practice

Mercury is toxic. But it is also a component of many Asian medicines. While the United Nations is working to reduce mercury emissions, Tibetan medical practitioners are "taming" the poison. Volume 7 of Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality shows how different views of toxicity and safety are expressed transculturally in a globalizing world.


German Garden Book Award 2021 for Karin Seeber

"It closes a gap in garden literature" - With this justification, the jury of the German Garden Book Prize awarded first place in the garden history category to the book published in 2020 "Marie Luise Gothein's 'Geschichte der Gartenkunst'. The Image of the Garden as Text" by Karin Seeber.  


Matthias Bartelmann: Theoretical Astrophysics. An Introduction

The new lecture notes from the Lecture Notes series builds on the core courses in theoretical physics and provides the methods for understanding astrophysics theoretically. The Lecture Notes are aimed at students of STEM subjects, but also offer interested readers from other subjects clear insights into exciting STEM topics.


Ruperto Carola: Freund & Feind

The current issue of the Ruperto Carola research magazine presents contributions by 24 scientists from a wide range of disciplines on the topic of "Friend & Foe". From vital proteins that can become the organism's enemy, to musically expressed enmity, to a psychological examination of a disturbed perception of friend and foe - each contribution provides fascinating insights into exciting research work at Heidelberg University.


Clemens Zimmermann, Lutz Klinkhammer (Eds.): Cinema as a Political Media. Germany and Italy Compared, 1945–1950s

Films tell stories - and they tell of the social and political circumstances of their creation. This can be seen particularly well in the German and Italian postwar films studied by the international group of authors of the new volume of the Online-Schriften des DHI Rom. Neue Reihe| Pubblicazioni online del DHI Roma. Nuova serie. How do the filmmakers process the Fascist and the National Socialist past? How do they portray the other?


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New Titles

New Titles

New Titles



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