Reading Objects in the Contact Zone
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Mönninghoff, Lea: A “Non-Existing Existence” in the Contact Zone, in: Troelenberg, Eva-Maria, Schankweiler, Kerstin und Messner, Anna Sophia (Hrsg.): Reading Objects in the Contact Zone, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2021 (Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality, Band 9).

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Lea Mönninghoff

A “Non-Existing Existence” in the Contact Zone

Emily Jacir’s "stazione" (2008–2009)

Abstract With discussing the contribution of the artist Emily Jacir for the 53rd Venice Biennale 2009 stazione (2008–2009), this chapter will discuss the impact of the cancelled intervention and the artist‘s alternative artistic outcome. Taking the brochure Jacir created in reaction to the cancellation of her intervention in the urban space of Venice, as an object representing the narrative of her project, this chapter will discuss both the brochure and Jacir’s planned artistic intervention with reference to the notion of Venice as an urban contact zone.

Keywords Cross-cultural Exchange, Cultural Transfer, Emily Jacir, Entan­gled Histories, Urban Contact Zone