Ritt-Benmimoun, Veronika: Traditional Recipes from il-Kǟf (Northwestern Tunisia), in Klimiuk , Maciej (Hrsg.): Semitic Dialects and Dialectology : Fieldwork—Community—Change, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2022, S. 331–343. https://doi.org/10.17885/heiup.859.c13972

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ISBN 978-3-96822-095-6 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-96822-096-3 (Hardcover)




Veronika Ritt-Benmimoun

Traditional Recipes from il-Kǟf (Northwestern Tunisia)

My paper presents the transcription and translation of two texts in the dialect of the northwestern Tunisian town of il-Kǟf (el Kef ). The texts were recorded during fieldwork carried out for the TUNOCENT project. The speaker gives the recipes for traditional dishes and the various kinds of bread typical of the il-Kǟf region. Linguistic notes are given in section 3 to show the local linguistic peculiarities of the dialect. Some final remarks will summarise the differences and similarities in linguistics between the featured texts and other Bedouin-type dialects in Tunisia.

Keywords Arabic dialectology, Tunisian dialects, Bedouin dialects, areal linguistics, material culture, field research