Grammar and Corpora 2016
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Rosen, Alexandr: Coping with Unruly Language: Non-Standard Usage in a Corpus, in: Fuß, Eric et al. (Eds.): Grammar and Corpora 2016, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2018.

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Published 16.05.2018.

Alexandr Rosen

Coping with Unruly Language: Non-Standard Usage in a Corpus

Abstract A language as used in real situations may differ substantially from its standard form. Before the entire range of NLP methods and tools can be applied to non-canonical variants of a language, appropriate categories for the analysis of deviant forms and constructions are needed, together with texts annotated by these categories. A discussion of non-standard language is fol­lowed by two case studies. The first study proposes a taxonomy of morphosyn­tactic categories as an attempt to analyze non-standard forms in non-native learners’ Czech. The second study focuses on the role of a rule-based grammar and lexicon as tools for the detection and diagnostics of non-standard words and constructions in the process of building and using a parsebank.

Keywords Non-standard language, Czech, learner corpus, parsebank, tree­bank, constrain-based grammar, valency, HPSG