Mediävist*innen von morgen fördern

Herausforderungen und Chancen

  • Eva von Contzen (Autor/in)
  • Albrecht Fuess (Autor/in)
  • Jonathan Reinert (Autor/in)


The future of an academic field is dependent on its attractiveness for scholars of the next generation, and its ability to stay relevant to society. This paper therefore discusses the current situation for emerging scholars in the field of medieval studies in Germany. It outlines the general context for young academics in Germany, and begins the discussion about which aspects within the system should be open to debate, in order to strengthen the position for the new generation. The authors also raise the issue of parenthood and academic careers, which – as women in particular are still disadvantaged – needs to be adjusted in view of changing concepts of shared responsibilities in childcare. In the second part, the authors turn to the role medieval studies can and should play in emerging fields like Digital Humanities, and the thematic and methodological variety they have to offer for the wider public, and especially for schools. The paper calls on the young generation especially to involve themselves using new formats, in order to make the discipline attractive for even younger people. The opportunities for international exchange and interdisciplinary approaches have perhaps never been as promising as today. The paper closes by making a number of concrete proposals to the Mediävistenverband, in order to intensify its support of young scholars in their academic careers and thereafter.