Language of Speaking, Arguing, and Persuading

Cultural Exchange and Adaptation in Greek and Syriac Versions of the ‘History of Sindban/Syntipas’

  • Yuliya Minets (Autor/in)


This paper conducts a quantitative and contextual analysis of the verbs describing verbal, cognitive, and legal activities in the narrative frame of two early versions of the ‘Seven Sages’: Michael Andreopoulos’ Greek ‘Book of Syntipas’ and the Syriac ‘History of Sindban’. Since speaking, arguing, discussing, persuading, introducing stories, drawing conclusions, and asking questions are the major activities performed by the protagonists, such analysis provides valuable insights into how these two texts tap into pre-existing narrative conventions and discursive patterns in the Greek and Syriac literary traditions, specifically into a judicial interest in Greek literature. The paper in this way contributes to the study of frame narratives and the textualisation of traditional storytelling in the Middle Ages, the history of Greco-Syriac cultural exchange, and gender roles in these two texts.

Keywords Verbal Activities; Narrative Frame; Greek; Syriac; Judicial Discourse