RELab digital - A Project on Religious Education in a Mediatized World

  • Ilona Nord (Author)
    University of Würzburg
  • Jens Palkowitsch-Kühl (Author)
    University of Würzburg


Education in general participates in globally occurring medial transformation processes. Religious Education and Didactics, like all other academic disciplines, are challenged to conceptualize and reflect the integration of digitally-networked media in theory and practice. This should happen in at least three dimensions: in learning with digital media, in learning about digital media, and in the development and practice of a constructive/critical media education. The project is dedicated to the development, testing, and evaluation of learning scenarios in Religious Education classwork, and also to facilitating an exchange with sites of religious education beyond the school context.
Apart from didactic and discipline-specific approaches, this paper will show two possible sequences: First, virtual realities (VR) augmented by representations of physical reality, thus enabling virtual expeditions, and second, physical realities augmented by virtual overlays (AR), creating experiential spaces in existing locations or new, non-location-bound, learning sites.


education, didactics, virtual reality, augmented reality