Global Mobility, Transcultural Literature, and Multiple Modes of Modernity

Arianna Dagnino


The present article suggests that if, within the discourse of modern human mobility, the twentieth century has been mainly written, read, and studied through a migrant/multicultural and/or postcolonial perspective, the early twenty-first century of neo-nomadic and transnational patterns appears to be marked by a transcultural sensibility. Furthermore, its related literary expressions, namely those works that, together with their authors, are intrinsically border crossers, have been able to go beyond the limits of any one culture or national landscape. In order to develop its thesis, this article proposes a Table––which represents the various Literatures of Mobility according to different modes of modernity––and its related commentary.



Transcultural literature, transcultural writers, global mobility, Litearatures of Mobility, migration, postcolonialism, world literature, globalization, comparative literature, transcultural comparativism.

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