The Legal Adaptation of British Settlers in Turkey

Derya Bayır, Prakash Shah


This article is based on a fieldwork project conducted by the authors in the Muğla region of western Turkey. The region is the locale for a significant level of settlement by British people, within the wider context of settlement by groups of other EU nationals in western Turkey. Based on a series of interviews with British settlers and Turkish locals, it examines the factors which affect the process of legal adaptation of the former group. It identifies and discusses the place of British settlers within the larger Turkish legal order, their integration into Turkish life, and the extent to which different socio-legal disabilities and advantages affect this process. The article also casts some light on the extent to which, given the level of British immigration into the area, Turkish officialdom is prepared for their presence.


Legal Adaptation; Diaspora; Transnationalism; Transjurisdictionalism; British Emigrants; Immigration to Turkey; Turkey; Tourism;

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