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Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet

Editor in Chief

  • Gregor Ahn

Editorial Board

  • Frank Bosman
  • Oliver Krüger
  • Gernot Meier

Managing Editor

  • Simone Heidbrink

Editorial Assistang

  • Tobias Knoll

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Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet

Online is an international open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Institute of Religious Studies at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). The journal is committed to promoting and (theoretically and methodically) advancing scientific research at the interface between religion and the internet.

The editors welcome submissions from all academic disciplines and perspectives (e.g. Religious Studies, Social Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Theology, Anthropology, etc.) focussing on general and specific issues of religion and new digital media. Additionally, we encourage authors to review (new) books dealing with subjects relevant to the journal’s scopes.

Authors are expected to present their research in terms of relevant theoretical and / or methodological discussions and to be of interest to a wide, but mainly academic audience in a manner intelligible not only to specialists. Online is looking forward to submissions and inquiries of any kind.

In addition to special issues published at irregular intervals, the journal will most often publish articles and reviews as they are approved. We will gather this material into formal issues every six months or once a year (depending on the number of special issues). We are planning to publish two numbers for every calendar year.

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.