Studies in Historical Documents from Nepal and India
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Cubelic, Simon , Michaels, Axel and Zotter, Astrid (Eds.): Studies in Historical Documents from Nepal and India, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2018 (Documenta Nepalica – Book Series, Vol. 1).

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ISBN 978-3-946054-70-2 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-946054-71-9 (Hardcover)

Published 01.03.2018.


Simon Cubelic , Axel Michaels , Astrid Zotter (Eds.)

Studies in Historical Documents from Nepal and India

Documenta Nepalica – Book Series

This volume is the outcome of the conference “Studying Documents in Premodern South Asia and Beyond: Problems and Perspective”, held in October 2015 in Heidelberg. In bringing together experts from different fields—including Indology, Tibetology, History, Anthropology, Religious Studies, and Digital Humanties—it aims at exploring and rethinking issues of diplomatics and typology, the place of documents in relation to other texts and literary genres, methods of archiving and editing documents, as well as their “social life”, i.e. the role they play in social, religious and political constellations, the agents and practices of their use, and the norms and institutions they embody and constitute.

The book is the first volume of the Documenta Nepalica – Book Series, published by the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in collaboration with the National Archives, Nepal.

Foreword by Saubhagya Pradhananga, Chief of the National Archives of Nepal
Editors' Preface
Simon Cubelic, Axel Michaels, Astrid Zotter
Studying Documents of South Asia: An Introduction
Timothy Lubin
Towards a South Asian Diplomatics: Cosmopolitan Norms and Regional Idioms in the Use of Documents
Georg Vogeler
Digital Diplomatics: The Evolution of a European Tradition or a Generic Concept?
Charles Ramble
Producing ‘South Asian’ Tibetan Documents in Highland Nepal, 19th to 20th Centuries: The Emergence and Disappearance of a Local Diplomatic Tradition
Documentary Practice
Yogesh Raj
Waking History Up from the Chronological Nightmares: A Perspective from the Medieval Newari Historiography
Alexander von Rospatt
The Collective Sponsorship of the Renovations of the Svayambhūcaitya in the Later Malla Era, and Its Documentation in Historical Records
Christiane Sibille
Networking Digital Documents
Legal Practice
Diwakar Acharya
Poet Vaṃśamaṇi Pays off His Share in the Father’s Debt: A 17th-Century Debt-Clearance Certificate from Mithilā
Rosalind O’Hanlon
Documents of Property Right in Early Modern Western India
Rajan Khatiwoda
Documented Evidence Relating to the Implementation of the Mulukī Ain in Mid-19th Century Nepal
Axel Michaels
Are Hindu Women Allowed to Erect a Śivaliṅga? A Question Asked in a Letter to Jaṅga Bahādura Rāṇā, Dated 1863 CE
Simon Cubelic
Governing Economic Life in Rāṇā Nepal: The Tender Process for the Gambling License at the Market Square of Asan in 1902
Maheshwar P. Joshi, Madan Mohan Joshi
Some Unpublished Gorkhali Documents and Early British Records: The Example of the Seṇū Jośīs
Gisèle Krauskopff
The Silent History of the Tharu Farmers: Peasant’s Mobility and Jungle Frontiers in the Light of Written Archives
Manik Bajracharya
Munsīs in the Courts of Early Śāha and Rāṇā Rulers: The Career of Lakṣmīdāsa Pradhāna
State and Religion
Monika Horstmann
The Mālik in Rāmānandī Documents of the 18th and 19th Centuries
Christof Zotter
Ascetics in Administrative Affairs: Documents on the Central Overseers of Jogīs and Saṃnyāsīs in Nepal
Astrid Zotter
Conquering Navarātra: Documents on the Reorganisation of a State Festival
Notes on Contributors