Information for Authors

If you are interested in publishing your work with Heidelberg University Publishing, please send a book proposal, along with a table of contents (in draft form), a 5–7 page synopsis of your project, your CV (2 pages), and—if available—a sample chapter to Once we have received your documents, they will be submitted to our advisory board. The board will determine whether your intended project fits the scope and focus of the press and, if so, suggest two peer reviewers. You will be asked to submit your complete manuscript, which, once received, will be sent out for peer review.

Services We Provide:

Downloadable Information

  • Publication in Multiple Formats—Online and Print
    Each work is published in various digital formats (PDF and HTML) and as a print-on-demand book (hard or soft cover), which can be purchased in regular bookstores and from online vendors.
  • Assistance with the Editorial Process
    Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP) offers comprehensive support throughout the publication process, including high-quality language editing assistance for both English and German texts. We will help you prepare images, audio, and other multimedia data, and handle both the layout and cover design process.
  • Visibility
    In order to ensure maximum visibility of all publications and to allow convenient access to both our digital and printed media, we provide each format (PDF, HTML, and print-on-demand books) with a unique ISBN. Each book series will also be assigned an ISSN and online publications will receive a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Bibliographic information and content descriptors (keywords, subjects, etc.) both for the individual book and book chapters or essays within edited volumes will be cataloged to ensure optimum visibility in databases, search engines, and both national and international library catalogs (such as HEIDI/HeiBIB, SWB, KVK, Google Scholar, DOAB, Open Library, Worldcat). Our books are also listed in national and international trade directories (e.g. Amazon, VLB, KNOE, and and can be ordered online or through retailers. Additionally, we support authors with proof for the payout of royalties from copyright collectives such as VG Wort.

Publishing with heiUP

Please note that, since heiUP is an Open Access publisher, works published by heiUP fall under a Creative Commons license (preferably CC-BY or CC-BY-SA). The copyright of the work shall remain with you as the author, with the publisher retaining only a simple right of use. Further information can be found under “Rights and Licenses”.

Important information for authors: Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use all content that they do not produce themselves. Such content can include images, videos, data, audio files, or charts. Any material that is not the sole creation of the author may be used only with the express permission of the copyright holder. heiUP assumes no liability for the use of third-party content.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be required to pay a contribution to the production costs.