‘Judaism to go’ - Hastening the redemption through Web 2.0

  • Christiane Altmann (Author)
    University of Leipzig


For the last seventy years, Chabad emissaries have been reaching out to Jews and spreading Judaism in a world of increasing indifference to Jewish law and tradition. Despite their strict Orthodox lifestyle, they are up to date broadcasting Judaism worldwide, with the most modern technology. They offer apps which localize the position of their users and inform them when it is time to light Shabbat candles. Wherever you are, Chabad.org tells you where to find the next Chabad house to spend the Shabbat evening or to be part of the service. Modern smartphones seem to have created the possibility to reach Jews worldwide and thereby fulfilled an important campaign of the group: Reaching out for redemption. On the other hand, the ability to use smart phones everywhere offers the possibility for less observant Jews to be part of a Jewish community connected through Web 2.0. The paper explains how social media provides the possibility to unite different opinions and sections of Judaism.


Judaism, Web 2.0, Social Media