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New Titles



New title on heiUP: Drawing Education - Worldwide!

From early modern to modern times, drawing was firmly anchored in the realities of European society as a cultural technique . Based on this fact, Drawing Education­ ­– Worldwide! asks for the first time about the significance of drawing and drawing education in other cultural areas.


New Special Issue of „heiEDUCATION Journal. Transdisciplinary Studies on Teacher Education”

This Special Issue on “Bildung and Identity” is based on the 5-event lecture series “HSE Expert Forum”, which was conducted at the Heidelberg School of Education between 2017 and 2018. The guest editors of this volume, Stefanie Samida and Christiane Wienand, have rounded off a selection of talks from the Expert Forum with three further contributions that discuss the multifarious and complex interdependencies of Bildung and identity as key concepts of Teacher Education.


Just in time for the exhibition opening: The catalogue for the exhibition Show & Tell has arrived!

For the first time in the long history of the annual exhibitions at Heidelberg University Library, the accompanying catalogue will be published by our own publishing house. For the exhibition Show & Tell. Students offer insight into the private collection Erik Jayme, students at the Institute for European Art History at Ruperto Carola under the direction of Prof. Dr. Henry Keazor selected more than 50 paintings and graphic works as well as objects of craftsmanship - from the early modern period to modernism to contemporary works - from the collection of the Heidelberg jurist Prof. Dr. Dr. mult. Erik Jayme.


New issue of "Online - Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet"

In this edition the guest editors, Andrea Rota and Oliver Krüger, invite us to reflect on the dynamic relationships between religion, media, and community. The special issue returns to a fundamental question of social theory concerning the constitution of human bonds in religious contexts but extends the investigation beyond the analysis of face-to-face interaction to discuss the various roles played by media and mediated communication.


New upload: Coptica Palatina - Proceedings of the International Summer School for Coptic Papyrology 2012

In "Coptica Palatina" 25 editions of Coptic literary, magical texts, private letters, as well as legal and administrative documents are presented by young scholars taking part in an International Summer School for Coptic Papyrology in Heidelberg in 2012. The texts originate from different regions of Middle and Upper Egypt and are datable to the 6th–12th centuries CE.


Now online: The Journal of Transcultural Studies 2018/1–2

The latest double issue of the Journal of Transcultural Studies deals with transcultural aspects and legal, institutional and political issues in Japan, China, Vietnam and Korea in the decades before and after 1900.


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New Titles

New Titles

New Titles

New Titles



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