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New Titles



Now online: Die goldenen Siegelringe der Ägäischen Bronzezeit by Nadine Becker

Due to their high material value and their meaningful iconography, Aegean signet rings have already attracted considerable attention in research - however, an overall consideration of this extremely complex archaeological genre and its diverse functions within the Minoan-Mycenaean administration and society was lacking so far. In "Die goldenen Siegelringe der Ägäischen Bronzezeit" not only preserved rings but also imprints of signet rings on sealings are systematically investigated for the first time.


New upload: Religion and Aesthetic Experience by Sabine Dorpmüller, Jan Scholz, Max Stille and Ines Weinrich

Religion and Aesthetic Experience: Drama – Sermons – Literature by Sabine Dorpmüller, Jan Scholz, Max Stille and Ines Weinrich highlights the transcultural dimensions of the theoretical foundations of religious aesthetics across different regions and genres.


Now on heiUP: Lineare Optimierung. Numerik linearer und konvexer nichtlinearer Optimierungsaufgaben

The latest part of the Lecture Notes by R. Rannacher, Numerik linearer und konvexer nichtlinearer Optimierungsaufgaben, is based on courses to “Numerical Mathematics” given by the author at the Universities in Saarbrücken and Heidelberg. In the present part basic concepts of numerical methods are presented for solving linear optimization problems (so-called “Linear Programming”).


Now online: "Working. Living. Computer" by Oliver Sukrow

Working. Living. Computer. tracks down questions about the appearance of the future in an highly developed scientific socialism. The book by Oliver Sukrow analyses these imaginative worlds of socialist dreams and desires in image, architecture, and texts.


Now online: Reshaping Glocal Dynamics of the Caribbean

The interdisciplinary volume Reshaping Glocal Dynamics of the Caribbean (edited by Anja Bandau, Anne Brüske and Natascha Ueckmann) seeks to explore how (non)circulation of ideas occurred historically in the glocal production of knowledge in and about the Caribbean. The “concept of the Caribbean” is highlighted by 33 contributions, that focus on Academic and Artistic Approaches, Arts and Visual Studies, Environment and Sustainability, Migration and Knowledge Circulation and Entangled Histories and Memories.


Soon on heiUP: DHIP!

The DHIP (Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris) will soon be publishing the Pariser Historische Studien open access on heiUP!


Heidelberg University Publishing is an open-access publisher of high-quality, peer-reviewed academic works. We endorse open access as a publishing model to distribute outstanding research results and use open-source software for the collaborative development of underlying publishing technologies.

New Titles

New Titles

New Titles

New Titles


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