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Das Mittelalter (The Middle Ages)

Published by Prof. Dr. Regina Toepfer on behalf of the Presidium of the Mediävistenverband.

Heidelberg University Publishing, Heidelberg

ISSN: 0949-0345 (Online)

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Das Mittelalter (The Middle Ages)

Since 1996, the Mediävistenverband e.V. has published the biannual magazine ‘Das Mittelalter: Perspektiven mediävistischer Forschung’, which sees itself as a forum for interdisciplinary medieval studies. The issues are thematically oriented, combine contributions from at least three different disciplines and deal with current issues from all areas of medieval studies. The thematic section is supplemented by a comprehensive review section in which important new publications (monographs, editions, anthologies) are presented. Since 2018, all articles of the journal are subject to a peer review process.

The Medievalists' Association has a regular 'Call for Issues', inviting submissions for proposals for the design of thematic booklets during the writing process. The Presidium and Scientific Advisory Board examine the suggestions received and make a thematic selection. The editors of a thematic issue publish a 'Call for Papers', select potential contributions in consultation with the scientific advisory board, and organise an authors' conference at which the reviewed articles are discussed.