Visualisierung sprachlicher Daten
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Bubenhofer, Noah and Kupietz, Marc (Eds.): Visualisierung sprachlicher Daten: Visual Linguistics – Praxis – Tools, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2018.

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ISBN 978-3-946054-75-7 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-946054-77-1 (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-3-947732-15-9 (Softcover)

Published 12.04.2018.


Noah Bubenhofer, Marc Kupietz (Eds.)

Visualisierung sprachlicher Daten

Visual Linguistics – Praxis – Tools

Visualizations play an important role in the scientific research process. They serve to illustrate the knowledge gained, but also as a tool to gain knowledge.
Such visualizations are also important in linguistics. For example in the form of maps, tree graphs and word nets. In corpus linguistics, explorative visualizations are often a way to make the data accessible and interpretable.
The book reflects on the theoretical basics of scientific visualizations in linguistics, shows practical examples and also introduces visualization tools.


The research data to the contribution by Wolfer/Hansen-Morath: "Visualisierung sprachlicher Daten mit R" are available under

Noah Bubenhofer is head of the Digital Linguistics team at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur. Previously, he was head of the "Visual Linguistics" project at the University of Zurich. His areas of research are corpus linguistics, discourse linguistics and visualizations in the humanities.

Marc Kupietz is head of the Corpus Linguistics Programme Area at the Institute for the German Language in Mannheim. His research fields are corpus linguistics and empirically grounded linguistics and cognitive science as well as philosophy of science and science management.

Noah Bubenhofer, Marc Kupietz
I. Visual Linguistics
Noah Bubenhofer
Visual Linguistics: Plädoyer für ein neues Forschungsfeld
Rainer Perkuhn, Marc Kupietz
Visualisierung als aufmerksamkeitsleitendes Instrument bei der Analyse sehr großer Korpora
Mark Richard Lauersdorf
Linguistic Visualizations as "objets d’art"?
Jana Pflaeging
Zur Ästhetisierung linguistischer Wissensvermittlung
II. Praxis
Armin Hoenen
Recurrence Analysis Function, a Dynamic Heatmap for the Visualization of Verse Text and Beyond
Adrien Barbaresi
A Constellation and a Rhizome: Two Studies on Toponyms in Literary Texts
Lucie Flekova, Florian Stoffel, Iryna Gurevych, Daniel Keim
Content-based Analysis and Visualization of Story Complexity
III. Tools
Sascha Wolfer, Sandra Hansen-Morath
Visualisierung sprachlicher Daten mit R
Jan Oliver Rüdiger
CorpusExplorer v2.0 – Visualisierung prozessorientiert gestalten
Alexander Hinneburg, Christian Oberländer
Getting the Story from Big Data: Interaktive visuelle Inhaltsanalyse für die Sozialwissenschaften mit dem TopicExplorer am Beispiel Fukushima
Velislava Todorova, Maria Chinkina
Significance Filters for N-gram Viewer
Manuel Burghardt
Visualization as a Key Factor for the Usability of Linguistic Annotation Tools