The Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities is an independent, non-university research institution and the state academy of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. As of 2018, the Academy now also distributes scientific and academic material related to its research projects through the university’s publishing house, Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP). This includes publications from a wide variety of disciplines – from musicology to Southeast Asian cultural studies and much more. The aim is to provide all researchers, scholars and people with an interest in science around the world with free, open access to the latest research findings.

The Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities was established in 1909 in the tradition of the Kurpfälzische Akademie (Academy of the Electoral Palatinate), founded in 1763 by Elector Carl Theodor. It operates as a modern scholarly society and a non-university research institution. Selected as outstanding representatives of their respective fields, the members of the Heidelberg Academy meet regularly to debate academic issues. Thanks to the diversity of the specialists that the Academy brings together, it offers a virtually unmatched platform for interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration across faculties, schools and universities. Focused on sustainability, its basic research is currently focussed on the field of cultural studies and the arts.

The Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities publishes the latest scientific findings from its exceptional research projects through Heidelberg University Publishing. As a state academy, it uses the open access model to ensure scientists and scholars around the world have free access to the latest research insights.