Visuelle Dimensionen des Antiziganismus
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Mladenova, Radmila: Muster symbolischer Gewalt. Das Kinderraubmotiv in visuellen Medien, in: Reuter, Frank, Gress, Daniela and Mladenova, Radmila (Eds.): Visuelle Dimensionen des Antiziganismus, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2021 (Interdisciplinary Studies in Antigypsyism – Book series initiated by the Research Centre on Antigypsyism, Vol. 2), p. 59-81.

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Published 16.12.2021.

Radmila Mladenova

Muster symbolischer Gewalt. Das Kinderraubmotiv in visuellen Medien

Abstract Using a series of paradigmatic artworks, in this paper I examine the motif of „Gypsy“ child robbery and its visualizations. The focus is on analysing the color coding of bodies and their racist or antiziganist use. I take stock of the adaptations of the motif in various visual media and elaborate its multi-layered meanings and functions. My analysis begins with a critical examination of Cervantes’ tale „La gitanilla.“ Further content focuses on 17th century Dutch history paintings and the newly emerging printing technology in the 19th century. The essay concludes with an annotated filmography that includes 49 works.