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Flamm, Christoph et al. (Eds.): Fürstliches Arkadien: Sommerresidenzen im 18. Jahrhundert, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2021 (Schriften zur Südwestdeutschen Hofmusik, Volume 5).


ISBN 978-3-96822-059-8 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-96822-058-1 (Hardcover)




Silke Leopold, Bärbel Pelker (Eds.)

Fürstliches Arkadien: Sommerresidenzen im 18. Jahrhundert

In academic research, princely summer residences are regarded as places of longing, where rulers sought to realize their dream of an earthly paradise and escape the constraints of courtly ceremonial. Traditionally, this research has been based in history of art. What music was made in the summer residences, and how it might have differed from that of the main residence, has not yet been systematically studied. The conference made a contribution to this by examining the musical life at selected European summer residences of the eighteenth century and relating it to one another. The individual contributions present the respective situations of the cultivation of music at selected summer residences in the German-speaking countries as well as in Italy, Spain, England, Sweden and Russia.

Silke Leopold studied musicology, theater studies, Romance studies and literature in Hamburg and Rome (1975 doctorate, 1987 habilitation). She was a full professor of musicology at the University of Paderborn and the Detmold University of Music (1991–1996) as well as a full professor and director of the musicology seminar in Heidelberg (1996–2014).

Bärbel Pelker studied school music at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Heidelberg-Mannheim as well as musicology and German studies in Heidelberg (1990 doctorate). She worked as a research associate in the research units History of the Mannheim Court Orchestra (1990-2006) and History of Southwest German Court Music (2006-2015) of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. Since 2015, she has been vice president of the Society for Music History in Baden-Württemberg.


Table of Contents
Silke Leopold
Musik in fürstlichen Sommerresidenzen
Christoph Flamm
Musikleben auf den Sommerresidenzen der Petersburger Zarenfamilie im 18. Jahrhundert
Michael Hochmuth
Musik und Theater auf Schloss Pillnitz
Andreas Waczkat, Timo Evers
Zur Hofmusik der abwesenden Kurfürsten von Hannover 1714 bis 1814. Eine Standortbestimmung
Ute Christine Berger
Carl Eugens Lustschlösser