Reading Objects in the Contact Zone
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Published 10.06.2021.

Lisa Heese

"The Camposanto in Pisa" by Leo von Klenze

The Encounter between a Classicist and an Islamic Artwork

Abstract The article deals with the painting The Camposanto in Pisa, by the classicist Leo von Klenze, which contains the Pisa Griffin—an Islamic artwork with a cross-cultural itinerary and one of the most discussed objects of Islamic metalwork due to its uncertain provenance and function. To understand Klenze’s perception of the unique medieval griffin, the chapter concentrates on the manner of depiction in terms of style and composi­tion. Thus, the painting and its analysis also give an idea of the reception of a mysterious Islamic artwork, through a Western and neoclassicist lens in 1858.

Keywords Encounter, Reception, Spolia, Pisa Griffin, Leo von Klenze