Il cardinale Pietro Gasparri, segretario di Stato (1914–1930)
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Gottsmann, Andreas: Gasparri e l’Austria: una relazione privilegiata?, in: Pettinaroli, Laura und Valente, Massimiliano (Hrsg.): Il cardinale Pietro Gasparri, segretario di Stato (1914–1930), Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2020 (Online-Schriften des DHI Rom. Neue Reihe – Pubblicazioni online del DHI Roma. Nuova serie, Band 4).

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Andreas Gottsmann

Gasparri e l’Austria: una relazione privilegiata?

Abstract: In 1920 the director of the Austrian Historical Institute in Rome, Ludwig von Pastor, also known as the historian of the Popes, was appointed Austria’s Ambassador to the Holy See. For many years he maintained scientific relations with Pope Pius XI, who had been elected in 1922. He also had an excellent relationship with the Vatican Secretary of State, Gasparri. Thanks to the Ambassador’s reports the numerous conversations, which took place between Pastor and Gasparri, can be summarized in seven thematic categories: the reorganization of the dioceses in the Burgenland region, the return of the Habsburgs to the royal throne, the Anschluss, the more general context of the Austrian foreign and domestic policy, the militarization of the political life, the restructuring of the Tyrolean dioceses as well as the Austrian-German dispute over Santa Maria dell’Anima. Undoubtedly, the Holy See and the Republic of Austria had privileged relationships in the interwar period thanks to the mutual trust established between the key players involved. In fact, even though the interests of the State took priority over those of the Church for the Austrian Chancellor Ignaz Seipel, he was seen as the “man of Providence”. Hence, Gasparri had an unwavering trust in the Austrian Chancellor.