Grammar and Corpora 2016
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Elsner, Daniela: Empirisch basierte Überlegungen zu Ableitungen mit "-weise/-erweise", in: Fuß, Eric et al. (Eds.): Grammar and Corpora 2016, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2018.

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Published 16.05.2018.

Daniela Elsner

Empirisch basierte Überlegungen zu Ableitungen mit "-weise/-erweise"

Abstract In our article we show how a quantitative and qualitative corpus ana­lysis can be enriched by other empirical methods to gain a more comprehensive insight into a somewhat neglected topic, namely adverbial word-formation with the suffix -(er)weise. Pursuing Elsner’s (2015) idea that -(er)weise should better be understood as two suffixes we bring forward syntactic arguments by showing that the suffixations differ with respect to their base positions in the German middle field. The results of a survey indicate that the interpretation of certain -weise-suffixations differs depending on the position of the lexeme in the sentence. Most strikingly formations with specific nominal bases can appear immediately before an indefinite noun where they only denote a large amount (haufenweise Bücher ‘heaps of books’) and can hardly be interpreted as adverbials anymore.

Keywords Adverb, Adverbial, Wortbildung, Grundpositionen von Adverbialen