Entre mers—Outre-mer
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Jaspert, Nikolas and Kolditz, Sebastian (Eds.): Entre mers—Outre-mer: Spaces, Modes and Agents of Indo-Mediterranean Connectivity, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2018. https://doi.org/10.17885/heiup.355.492

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Published 13.09.2018.


Nikolas Jaspert and Sebastian Kolditz (Eds.)

Entre mers—Outre-mer

Spaces, Modes and Agents of Indo-Mediterranean Connectivity

The history of individual seascapes has recently become a vibrant and innovative field of research. Nonetheless, connections between seas (entre mers) and the imagination of lands „beyond the Sea“ (Outre-mer) have only rarely been focused in these contexts. This is precisely the main aim of the present collection of essays, which results from a conference held at Heidelberg University. The individual papers treat various aspects of transmarine connections, their regulation and mental expansion in an Indo-Mediterranean context, which comprises the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, as well as projections of seaways to India on other maritime areas, thus spanning a wide chronological spectrum from Egyptian antiquity to the onset of the Atlantic Age in the sixteenth century.

Nikolas Jaspert is professor of Medieval History at the Historical Institute of Heidelberg University. His research centers on Mediterranean, particularly Iberian History, the Crusades, Monastic and Religious History as well as Transcultural History.

Sebastian Kolditz is an academic assistant in Medieval History at the Historical Institute of Heidelberg University. His research focuses on the maritime history of Europe in the Early Middle Ages, on the Medieval Mediterranean, the history of Byzantine-Western relations and on universal Church Councils in the Later Middle Ages.

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Table of Contents
Nikolas Jaspert, Sebastian Kolditz
The Classic Hinge between Seas: Egypt and Indo-Mediterranean Connectivity in the Ancient World
Integrating the Ocean into Indo-Mediterranean Concepts: Geographic Imagination and the Western Routes “Entre mers”
The Plurality of Medieval Outre-Mers: Networks and Patterns of Spatial Penetration
Controlling and Prohibiting Maritime Space: Early Modern Patterns