Studium Generale

Die Publikationen des Studium Generale sind von der gleichnamigen Vorlesungsreihe abgeleitet, die in jedem Semester ein Schwerpunktthema aufgreift und für die interessierte Öffentlichkeit aufbereitet. Herausgeber ist der zuständige Prorektor und Vorsitzende der Kommission Studium Generale, die redaktionelle Verantwortung liegt bei der Abteilung Wissensaustausch.

Die Alte Aula der Universität Heidelberg

The Great Hall of the Old University building is the ceremonial hall and heart of Heidelberg University. With the aid of allegories and metaphors, it illustrates the history and self-image of the oldest university in modern-day Germany. Originally built in the baroque style, it was remodelled completely on the occasion of the University’s 500th anniversary. The magnificent room donated by the Grand Duke of Baden is one of the few ensembles of the Karlsruhe School of Woodcutting that remains intact; it is used primarily for academic events such as inaugural lectures of newly appointed professors or graduation ceremonies. But the Great Hall is also a place for public concerts and presentations to which the venerable surroundings lend a particular splendour.

Heidelberger Jahrbücher Online

Heidelberg Yearbooks Online is a platform for the scientific spirit and the historic dimension of Heidelberg University. The Yearbooks are hosted by the Friends of the University, a non-commercial organization in support of Heidelberg University. Each yearbook focuses on an overarching thematic issue that will be interpreted by heterogenous points of view. The yearbooks are intended to foster communication and contact between scientists from different disciplines.

Ruperto Carola

The "Ruperto Carola" research journal reports on scientific findings and current research activities at Heidelberg University. Every issue is dedicated to a central theme of high social relevance, to which Heidelberg scholars contribute by presenting related research projects across the entire range of disciplines and subjects. The journal is published by the President of Heidelberg University and edited by the "Communications and Marketing" team.