Applied technology

Further reference:
Effinger, Maria; Krabbes, Frank; Withanage, Dulip: Crossmediales Publizieren bei Heidelberg University Publishing. In: BIT online Bd. 21. Wiesbaden, b.i.t. Verlag.-GmbH (2018), Nr. 5, S. 393-403

Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP) uses Open-Source-Software and participates in the development of innovative publication technology. This includes software development as well as co-operation with partners such as the Public Knowledge Project (PKP)  and active participation in national and international user networks (e.g. ).

heiMPT – Media neutral publication workflow

heiMPT  allows for the automatic generation of publisher specific output formats such as HTML, PDF and ePUB, based on entry data in Microsoft Word and LaTeX formats. A media neutral XML interim format is provided by TEI , the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS)  and the Book Interchange Tag Set (BITS) . It is possible to expand heiMPT to include other output formats and integration in Open Monograph Press (OMP) and Open Journal Systems (OJS) can be implemented quite simply. heiMPT can be used either as a command line or a web application and offers web-based processing of metadata. heiMPT was developed with support from the DFG as part of the project “Development of a business model for open-access books” (“Entwicklung eines Geschäftsmodells für Open-Access-Bücher”).

heiMPT | Heidelberg Monograph Publishing Tool
Typesetting and Layout