With the founding of Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP), the University of Heidelberg is pursuing the goal of providing a publication forum for its top-level research without excluding excellent external publications.

The primary form of publication is open access online, in various digital formats. In addition to the freely accessible digital formats, a printed version is available as usual from bookstores (Print-on-Demand).

heiUP publishes scientific monographs, edited volumes and journals in German and English, as well as research data. Publication projects that make use of the possibilities of online publishing (enhanced publications) are particularly welcome. Excellent doctoral theses are also welcome. Bachelor’s and Master’s theses and manuscripts by authors who have not graduated will not be accepted.

The scientific quality of the manuscripts is ensured by a standardised peer-review procedure, as well as by close cooperation between author and publisher while preparing for publication. heiUP supports authors with high-quality editing in German and English, and by professional typesetting.

heiUP is managed by the University Library, which serves as the university’s key competency center for supplying digital information.