Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP) intends to offer a publishing forum for Heidelberg University’s most promising research while also welcoming high-quality external submissions. Heidelberg University is one of Germany’s leading universities in terms of both teaching and research. With the exception of engineering, all major academic disciplines—the humanities and social sciences, as well as the natural and life sciences—are represented on campus. The university’s annual publishing output comprises more than 7000 publications.

Heidelberg University Publishing is based on the following principles:

  • heiUP is an electronic-first, open access publisher that offers each work in various digital formats.
  • In addition to the freely accessible digital formats, heiUP also offers print-on-demand hard copies, which can be purchased online or in regular book stores.
  • The only criterion for publication is the high scholarly quality of the manuscript, which is ascertained through standardized peer-review.
  • heiUP publishes works in English and German, when indicated also in French, Italian and Spanish.
  • During the publishing process, authors and publisher work closely together. heiUP supports authors with high-quality editing in German and English.
  • heiUP publishes monographs, edited volumes, and journals; research data will follow. New academic book series are welcome.
  • heiUP develops new online functionalities, such as options for annotation and comments, for all publishing formats.

heiUP is managed by the University Library, which serves as the university’s key competency center for supplying digital information.