Our Partners

Association of European University Presses 

AEUP is an organisation of and for University Presses across Europe to help them build stronger relationships between them, to co-operate and share knowledge in order to reach common goals and to jointly address important issues in a currently dynamic time in publishing.

AG Universitätsverlage 

Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP) is a member of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Universitätsverlage (AG Universitätsverlage). The working group is an association of university presses, publishing services and platforms, which are connected to an academic institution and offer professional publishing services, in German speaking countries. The membership criteria include especially quality assurance according to scientific standards and the support of Open Access.

Open Access 

The open-access.net platform provides comprehensive information on the subject of Open Access (OA) and offers practical advice on its implementation.

PKP Public Knowledge Project 

PKP is a multi-university initiative developing (free) open source software and conducting research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing.