Mission Statement

Excellent Research Made Visible

The mission of Heidelberg University Publishing is to provide open access to outstanding academic publications. We see the opportunities afforded by digital publishing as a way to advance the visibility of research output beyond the confines of academic disciplines. For us, this means that we publish open access, follow a consistent e-strategy, use innovative digital publication formats, and ensure quality through a peer review process (usually double blind). In addition to electronic formats, we offer high-quality printed versions of all our titles. Our decision to accept a submission does not depend on its provenance, but on its quality.

In keeping with our role as a Comprehensive University, we facilitate forms of interdisciplinary exchange that grow from the strengths of our academic disciplines. Our portfolio includes primarily monographs, edited volumes/proceedings, and textbooks. We also use innovative technology to publish scholarly illustrated books and multimedia objects. In all these endeavors, we collaborate with various national and international partners of the university.