Advisory Board

Marietta Fuhrmann-Koch

Head of Communications and Marketing, Heidelberg University  

Joachim Funke

Professor of Experimental and Theoretical Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Heidelberg University  

Dieter Heermann

Professor of Theoretical Physics; Prorector for International Affairs, Heidelberg University  

Vincent Heuveline

Professor of Applied and Numerical Mathematics; Director, Heidelberg University Computing Center (URZ); Head of “Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab” (EMCL) at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), Heidelberg University  

Joachim Kirsch

Professor of Molecular Ecophysiology of Plants; Director, Centre for Organismal Studies; Director, Marsilius Kolleg, Heidelberg University  

Axel Michaels

Senior Professor and former Director of the Deptartment "Cultural and Religious History of South Asia (Classical Indology)" 1996-2016, Head of the research unit „Documents on the History of Religion and Law or pre-modern Nepal”, Director of the cluster of excellence "Asia and Europe" (2008-2017)  

Friederike Nüssel

Professor of Systematic Theology; Director, Ecumenical Institute and Ecumenical Dormitory  

Thomas Pfeiffer

Professor of Civil Law, International Private Law, and International Procedural Law, Heidelberg University; Director, Institute for Foreign and International Private and Business Law, Heidelberg University  

Thomas Rausch

Professor of Plant Molecular Physiology; Director, Marsilius-Kolleg (MK); Deputy Managing Director, Centre for Organismal Studies (COS)  

Bernd Schneidmüller

Professor of Medieval History; Director, Institute of Frankish-Palatine History and Regional Studies (FPI); Director, Marsilius-Kolleg, Heidelberg University