Documenta Nepalica

Book Series

Documenta Nepalica: Book Series is an open access publication series edited by the Research Unit “Documents on the History of Religion and Law of Pre-modern Nepal“ of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in cooperation with the National Archives of Nepal. It aims at disseminating research results on historical documents and related texts from Nepal and the Himalaya region.

Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality

HST is a peer-reviewed, open access book series promoting research on transcultuality. The series features works that investigate cultural, social, and regional formations that have themselves been constituted and transformed through contact with other regions and cultures.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes are aimed at students interested in exploring a specific topic in great depth. They provide a didactic account of essential fundamentals in a specific scientific field, while at the same time addressing and describing current topics of active research and controversy within the field. Lecture Notes on a given topic bear the mark of the specific lecturer who produced them, offering a great opportunity for students, and others, to gain unique insights into these topics and beyond from experts in the field.