The Ahmadiyya in Germany: An Online-Platform as a Multi-Functional Tool

Lauren Drover


This article describes the online-platform of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany (AMJ D) <>. It argues that not only does this media-portal serve as a source of information for members and as a tool for missionary activity, but also as a platform on which the AMJ D consciously constructs a media-persona designed to appeal to the societal context of Germany. The article shows that the AMJ’s online-persona is carefully constructed to soften the tensions between German-European lifestyles and Islam. This attentively planned media and PR outlet, the article concludes, is proof of the self-awareness of Ahmadis in Germany and of the reflective way new media are used in this context.


Ahmadiyya, Germany, Islam in the West, public relations, religion online

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