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New out: “Religion to go” – the special issue of “Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet”

The new special issue of “Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet”: Religion to go! sets off to explore the field of religion within mobile internet environments, mobile application, augmented realities and everything in between – and the retroactive effects of the new mobility on our notion of religion and religious practice.


Appearance & Reality ist the theme of the new edition of “Ruperto Carola”

In every area of life, we are constantly challenged to distinguish between appearance and reality, between facts on the one hand, and errors and lies on the other. The new edition of “Ruperto Carola” takes up different aspects of this theme, and illuminates how appearances can be deceptive.


New on heiUP: "Transcultural Encounters in the Himalayan Borderlands"

Vol. 3 of the series "Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality", edited by Markus Viehbeck, investigates the hill station of Kalimpong and the larger Eastern Himalayan borderlands as a paradigmatic case of a “contact zone” (Marie Louise Pratt), which enabled a variety of encounters between different cultures and nations.


Vol. 1 of "Online handbook of language criticism in European perspective (HESO)" is out!

The Online Handbook of Language Criticism in European Perspective offers a comparative perspective of language criticism in European language culture. Central concepts of language criticism are covered descriptively in the handbook. The goal is to present a conceptual history of European language criticism.


New release on heiUP: “Numerik 3” by Rolf Rannacher

Numerik 3, the fourth part of the lecture cycle “Numerische Mathematik“, is devoted to problems in Continuum Mechanics, especially in Structural and Fluid Mechanics, and their numerical solution by finite element methods.


New: “Proust Cinématographe – wie Raoul Ruiz Proust las“ by Joanna Jaritz

Joanna Jaritz’s book Proust Cinématographe – wie Raoul Ruiz Proust las, takes a new look at the metapoetic program of Proust “A la Recherche du Temps perdu”. It turns out that the novel of the nineteenth century anticipated the concepts of modern cinema on a surprisingly broad scale.


New: Wissenschaft für alle: Citizen Science

In volume 2 of the journal Heidelberger Jahrbücher Online, ten authors from different disciplines discuss chances and risks of citizen science.


The conference transcript Konstruktionen Europas in der Frühen Neuzeit. Geographische und historische Imaginationen (Constructions of Europe in the Modern Era. Geographical and Histrocial Imaginations), published by Susan Richter, Michael Roth and Sebastian Meurer comprises the talks given during the 11th workshop of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Frühe Neuzeit. The authors’ aim was to focus on Europe in the context of distant world religions. The results of the conference open up new perspectives on the geographically and historically imagined self-attributions and external ascriptions, assertions of identity and otherness as well as the changeability of periphery and centre.


The Philosopher Wilhelm Windelband, leading figure of Neo-Kantism and from 1903 until 1915 professor at Heidelberg University, is regarded as an outspoken critic of psychology. Horst Gundlach investigates how he really viewed the new science of psychology in his comprehensive study "Wihelm Windelband und die Psychologie". This study also includes Windelband's notebooks, which were discovered in 2016, and are now published for the first time.


New release in the series Lecture Notes: Numerik 2

The third part of the lecture cycle "Numerische Mathematik" by Professor Rolf Rannacher is devoted to numerical methods for solving partial differential equations. Again theoretical mathematical as well as practical aspects are considered. To facilitate self-study the book includes both theoretical and practical exercises, together with solutions.


New: The Transformative Power of the Copy, ed. by Corinna Forberg and Philipp W. Stockhammer

The Transformative Power of the Copy examines the "copy" and the practice of copying from a transcultural perspective. It is the second volume in the series "Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality" by the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a global context".


Woman and Man is the thematic focus of the current issue of Ruperto Carola

The current issue of the research journal is dedicated to one of the great topics of humanity: man and woman. It sheds light on different aspects of the topic; the fundamental categories and self-image of women and men as well as the expectations and challenges that define each and every one of us.


New release in the series Lecture Notes: Numerik I

In this second part of the lecture cycle "Numerische Mathematik" Professor Rolf Rannacher deals with numerical methods for solving ordinary differential equations. Again theoretical as well as practical aspects are considered. To facilitate self-study the book includes both theoretical and practical exercises, together with solutions.


Newly published: Studium Generale – Issue Anders altern

Aging the other way (Anders altern) – was the motto of the lectures of the Studium Generale to which the Heidelberg University invited in the summer semester 2015. Scientists looked at various aspects of aging from the perspective of their respective disciplines from dealing with aging and elderly people in Asia to ethical considerations of age to presentations of the subject in contemporary literature.


heiUP starts Lecture Notes

The new series Lecture Notes is aimed at students interested in exploring a specific topic in great depth. Lecture Notes provide a didactic account of essential fundamentals in a specific scientific field, while at the same time addressing and describing current topics of active research and controversy within the field.


Newly published: Numerik 0 by Rolf Rannacher

Numerik 0 opens the new heiUP-series Lecture Notes. Rolf Rannacher, Prof. em. for numerical mathematics at Heidelberg University is the author of the first volume. It deals with fundamental concepts of numeric methods for solving basic problems of analysis and linear algebra.


Von Open Access bis Open Research Data: Infrastrukturen für offene Wissenschaft an der Universität Heidelberg

Talk by Jochen Apel and Maria Effinger (UB Heidelberg), Tuesday 16th March, 3 pm, Uni Heidelberg, Neue Universität, HS 14, 2. OG on occasion of the E-Science-Days


Freshly published: The new edition of Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet

Topics of this issue are (inter alia): a case study of conflicts on Facebook, the importance of Web 2.0 for female jihadists, and the use of religious terms on Wikipedia.


Latest Edition of "Ruperto Carola" is Now Online

STOP & GO, the new edition of the journal Ruperto Carola is dedicated to the transition from standstill to movement, from insistence to change. 22 scholars and scientists of Heidelberg University show how manifold the connections are in which these two states "stop" and "go" - standstill and movement - work.


New Titles

New Titles

New Titles

New Titles